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April 2015

In This Issue | April 2015

On sale Friday, March 13th, 2015, Only £3.50

  • Riverdance!

    Get in step with the Riverdancer, a fly that can be fished from spring through to autumn.

  • The Imitation Game...fishing

    Crack the invisible code with Dave Southall: how to identify 'invisible' insects

  • The Wizard in drab clothes

    Mick Huffer ties an understated wet fly

  • Dances with fly rods

    Charles Jardine shares Roman Moser's tips on the oval cast

  • Early to rise

    Dave Wiltshire demonstrates an emerger-style dressing for that first rise of the season

  • Spectacular Spectra!

    Learn about the fly that brought Colin MacLeod brilliant results in his forays last year

  • Permit on the Yucatan road

    Neil Patterson reveals the secret of fishing the white sand beaches of Yucatan

  • Fly for coarse

    Read the report of the annual Fly for Coarse competition

  • Sheelin good

    Mark Wilson charts the recovery of Ireland's Lough Sheelin

  • Brilliant BFFI

    Take a look at all the best snapshots from this year's BFFI

  • Set your compass for wild trout

    Fish'n'teering: part 2. Mark Bowler explains how to prepare for as successful fish'n'teering trip

  • Poachers beware

    Mike Handyside takes us through the legal position for anglers who encounter poaching

  • Win!

    Win a limited edition ArcticSilver rod in this month's quiz!

  • Angling Club of the Month

    Roe Angling Ltd take centre stage

  • The Usual Suspects

    All your favourite regular features, including Tackle Bag, In the Net, Sandison's Scotland and Mark Bowler's column

More News


2014 Malloch Trophy Presented | 30.03.15

The 2014 FishPal Malloch Trophy has been presented to Teesside angler Wayne Longstaff.

Read More

The €40 billion business | 27.03.15

European Parliament discovers the importance of recreational fishing to economy, health and environment

Read More

World’s largest fly-caught freshwater fish landed | 20.03.15

One of the largest, scaled freshwater fish recorded using a fly rod.

Read More

Fly Tying League Results: Round Two, Novice League | 20.03.15

The results for round two of the novice league section of the 2014/15 Fly Tying League, sponsored by Angler's Lodge at Jubilee Lakes.

Read More

Fly Tying League Results: Round Two, Open League | 20.03.15

The results for round two of the open league section of the 2014/15 Fly Tying League, sponsored by Angler's Lodge at Jubilee Lakes.

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A dram for farmed salmon? | 06.03.15

Could whisky by-products be used to feed farmed salmon?

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Court action to protect Arctic char | 04.03.15

NRW under fire for failure to protect Arctic char

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More Blogs

Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | Cool Cuba shows readers its St Lazaro potential | 12.03.15

A full house of flats species greeted February’s FF&FT reader trip…. along with unseasonal, low-water temperatures.

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Malcolm Greenhalgh
Malcolm Greenhalgh | Diploid Debate | 05.03.15

Malcolm Greenhalgh prepares for a new season and debates regulations on trout stocking.

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David Wolsoncroft-Dodds
David Wolsoncroft-Dodds | Alive and kicking (and catching!) | 24.03.15

David makes quite a catch, and dispels any rumours of his demise!

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | Knocking Off the Rust | 10.03.15

Allan Liddle makes preparations for the start of the trout season.

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Bruce Sandison
Bruce Sandison | Fatty and flabby? | 12.11.14

Farmed salmon may not be as lean and healthy as it appears when sold in supermarkets.

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Charles Jardine
Charles Jardine | Mad, quirky, frustrating … | 16.04.14

My recent outing to Sutton Bingham had it all

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Arctic Silver 9ft #5 and 10ft #7

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Video of the Week

Amazing footage of some of the scenery and fishing on the rivers of East Iceland.

Icelandic Fly Fishermen from Icelandic Fly Fishermen on Vimeo.