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September 2016

In This Issue | September 2016

On sale Friday, August 12th, 2016, Only £3.60

  • Gold on the beach

    Colin MacLeod demonstrates his special sand shrimp pattern that's making waves on the coast

  • Shrimptruder

    An adaptation of a steelhead pattern for the UK's migratory fish

  • The Wizard of Farmoor

    In sweltering weather, Charles Jardine gets a sunk-line tutorial from a 16-year old

  • The Fifth Beetle

    Neil Patterson's latest entry into his Wild Trout's Wish List!

  • It's time for the tiny flies

    As flows get low, Ally Gowans turns to his nine super 'wee flees' dressings

  • Kate's six deadly sisters

    Half-a-dozen top McLaren variations for wild trouting (and reservoirs!)

  • Silver from the salt

    Mark Bowler's coastal sea trouting guide looks at tactics. approach and flies

  • Tie for joy!

    Dave Wiltshire uses some unusual feathers for a tasty Iron Blue Dun

  • Welcome... to Jurassic Lake!

    Go dry fly fishing on Argentina's Strobel Lake

  • A Sturdy ally

    In Textbook Tying we show how to tie Sturdy's Fancy - perfect for autumn grayling

  • The Best of the Rest!

    All your usual favourites, including: Magnus' reviews, Bruce Sandison, Chris Sandford, Textbook Tying and plenty more!

More News


Anglers relieved as Bahamas’ new bonefishing laws announced | 10.08.16

New Bahamian angling rulings for tourists include a licence fee, but protect DIY bonefishing

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Man drowned on Orkney’s Loch Boardhouse | 05.08.16

One fisherman drowns and another still missing after "tragic accident"

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Over 1000 fish killed on River Faughan | 03.08.16

Pollution incident hits one of Northern Ireland’s premier rivers

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Devastating pollution incident on the Leadon | 29.07.16

Recent incident could have massive knock on effect, says local club

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Salmon producer proposes farming inside cargo ships | 07.07.16

Marine Harvest floats the idea of farming salmon inside cargo ships in order to meet tough regulations

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Serious risk of “total bass stock collapse” | 06.07.16

Angling groups have warned EU and UK fisheries ministers to ban bass netting or face stock consequences

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Pollution incident kills hundreds of fish on the afon Llynfi | 05.07.16

Hundreds of fish have been killed by an incident of pollution on the afon Llynfi, occurring last Saturday, July 2, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has confirmed.

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Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | The one that didn’t get away | 18.08.16

Who's fly is this? How big was the 'one that got away'?

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Malcolm Greenhalgh
Malcolm Greenhalgh | Rain on…rain off | 01.07.16

Malcolm Greenhalgh enjoys a good month of fishing in June, albeit both a very wet one... and a very dry one too!

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David Wolsoncroft-Dodds
David Wolsoncroft-Dodds | Batten down the hatches | 15.12.15

For someone who earns their living as a guide, November and December's weather has been very tough.

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | Autumn is Coming | 03.08.16

Allan Liddle is back on running water as he sees the tell-tale signs that summer is coming to a close... but he is going to make the most of the last few weeks!

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The Damp Angler
The Damp Angler | Fishing: the most exquisite torture | 22.07.16

A very dry period in the north-east means the Damp Angler has to resort to low water tactics and lightweight gear

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Charles Jardine
Charles Jardine | Stuff and Nonsense | 01.10.15

"Why can’t people just celebrate going fishing?" Charles Jardine rallies against, what he believes, is a type of 'fishing snobbery'

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Video of the Week

An early season two pounder, caught from one of the tiny patches of open water in TroutQuest's 'secret lochan'.