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January 2015

In This Issue | January 2015

On sale Friday, December 12th, 2014, Only £3.50

  • Hidden in plain sight

    Neil Patterson heads to Iceland for some salmon fishing

  • A year in the land that time forgot

    Roger Smith finds excellent wild fishing all year round in the footsteps of Cosmo Wright

  • Welsh Dragons

    Colin Macleod lands a perosnal best and a UK record mullet

  • Ceramic Nymph Heaven!

    A special kind of nymph for a special kind of fish...

  • The Fly Fisher's library

    A comprehensive look at the books all fly fishers should read with Malcolm Greenhalgh

  • Soft as Silk

    On a quest for perfect presentation, Dave Southall turns back the clock

  • The other pheasant tail

    How to tie the Cove Nymph - as as this month's novice Fly Tying League pattern

  • A bird in the hand

    Charles Jardine softens up tension to improve delivery of the cast

  • From inside for the outside

    Discover the prison where vices are put to good use

  • Sink and Swim for choosy trout

    Mick Huffer demonstrates his Bug-Bond Damsel

  • Christmas Crossword!

    Win limited edition books by Frank Sawyer!

  • From little acorns...

    Andrew Herd's obsession with fly tying materials gets serious

  • Win!

    You could with a Snowbee wading set in this month's quiz!

  • The best of the rest!

    All your favourite regular features, including Tackle Bag, On the Bench, Mike Harding and much, much more!

More News


Petition to stop killing of wild Salmon | 18.12.14

The lowest rod-catch figures in 60 years has triggered a petition to stop the killing of all wild salmon in Scotland before July 1 for five years.

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Jellyfish wipe out Salmon in Uist Fish Farm | 16.12.14

A swarm of jellyfish have killed up to 300,000 salmon at a fish farm in North Uist.

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The Lapsley Legacy | 15.12.14

To keep alive the places where wild trout still live, Peter Lapsley’s fly-tying kit is to be auctioned.

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New laws prevent mislabelling of salmon | 11.12.14

New EU legislation introduced to prevent retailers mislabelling salmon.

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MPs call for Bass to become recreation only species | 10.12.14

There have been calls during a recent debate for bass to become a recreation angling only species.

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Beaver trial findings published | 05.12.14

A report looking into reintroducing beavers to Scotland has been published.

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Record at Ravensthorpe | 03.12.14

Season's biggest Pike landed at Ravensthorpe.

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More Blogs

Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | Making the most of a flood | 22.11.14

This year's Salmon Schools were plagued by indifferent weather, but knowledge of the river and its local flows helped lead to success.

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Malcolm Greenhalgh
Malcolm Greenhalgh | Grayling: bringing people together | 29.10.14

Malcolm Greenhalgh reports on October's conditions and the Grayling Society AGM weekend.

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David Wolsoncroft-Dodds
David Wolsoncroft-Dodds | Autumn Arrives | 04.11.14

David Wolsoncroft-Dodds blogs about his hopes for fishing this autumn.

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | #mytyingdesk - Revamped | 20.12.14

Allan Liddle's house rennovations allows him to jazz up his fly tying space.

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Bruce Sandison
Bruce Sandison | Fatty and flabby? | 12.11.14

Farmed salmon may not be as lean and healthy as it appears when sold in supermarkets.

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Charles Jardine
Charles Jardine | Mad, quirky, frustrating … | 16.04.14

My recent outing to Sutton Bingham had it all

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Video of the Week

In the Guangxi province of China, fisherman use trained cormorants to help them catch fish from the Li river. A noose tied around the birds' necks to stop them swallowing any fish they may catch.