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May 2014

In This Issue | May 2014

On sale Friday, April 11th, 2014, Only £3.40

  • Low down, dirty, and deep

    3 tried-and-tested techniques for early season rivers

  • When the Corrib gets tough ...

    Martyn Haines thought his Mayfly fishing had been ruined by the weather, but alternative hatches made his holiday

  • The secrets to casting into the wind

    Charles Jardine shows us

  • Paddling into wilderness

    Anthony Glasgow uses a canoe to access the rarely fished lochs of Scotland’s hinterland

  • Superior to the Atlantic salmon

    Game on! Peter McMullan says the steelhead that run British Columbia’s rivers in early spring are powerful adversaries

  • Welcome to Apache country

    Frank Moors ties his Atomic Apache and relates just how far this salmon pattern has come in the last few years

  • A man may fish

    Bruce Sandison meets the remarkable Orri Vigfusson, champion of international salmon politics, and keen salmon fisher

  • The dark side

    Colin MacLeod, finds night fishing in the sea is highly rewarding

  • When ‘duffers’ become ‘difficult’

    Dave Wiltshire dresses an ingenious Spent Spinner for wily trout late in the Mayfly feast

  • Top cat

    Sean Jones has discovered an effective natural dubbing – from his tabby cat

  • A Dabbler for all seasons

    Mick Huffer ties a wet fly with wide appeal that can be used in a variety of situations, from early season to late

  • The Sutton Bingham Sting

    Charles Jardine says that early season on this Westcountry reservoir can often mean tackling fry feeders, and he has an ingenious Minkie pattern for the job

  • Secret jewels

    The wet winter will mean Gordon Mackie can explore the exciting and productive fishing of the ‘lesser’ chalkstreams this season

  • Draw the curtain on spends

    After the BFFI, Mike Harding and his wife have decided to call a truce on domestic spending

  • Sandford’s creel

    Chris ties a convincing, iridescent Beetle

More News


Usan’s decide not to exercise Ythan netting rights | 07.04.14

… and says it has no plans to acquire further netting rights in Scotland

Read More

League leaders – Round 3 | 04.04.14

Quality tying of Muddlers and Woolly Buggers results in little change in the Harvey Angling Fly Tying League 2013-14

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Lunacy on the Lune | 03.04.14

EA sacrifices angling rights ‘for the greater good’ on premier Lancashire salmon river over hydro

Read More

Rod licence for Scotland | 02.04.14

Suggestion aired at first of Thin's rountable discussions – but salmon-farming controversy ruled out of remit

Read More

Bantry Bay “disaster” as escapes number 230,000 | 31.03.14

Wild salmon stocks swamped

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Wild Fisheries Review – dates and locations announced | 28.03.14

Invite-only discussions begin in Pitlochry on Tuesday

Read More

Outrage at Usan’s purchase of salmon netting on the River Ythan | 26.03.14

“This is no way for salmon fisheries to be managed in the 21st century"

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More Blogs

Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | Fishing and canoes in harmony | 10.04.14

On lakes, flats and saltwater fly fishers are starting to see how kayaking can benefit them

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Malcolm Greenhalgh
Malcolm Greenhalgh | What Opening Day is all about | 26.03.14

How was yours?

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David Wolsoncroft-Dodds
David Wolsoncroft-Dodds | Unwinding! | 08.04.14

I'm off to where the fishing is less susceptible to adverse conditions

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | March Browns and Olives, DHE and Dirty Duster | 04.04.14

Allan Liddle's first blog covers his early encounters this spring with March browns and large dark olives

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Bruce Sandison
Bruce Sandison | People living in glass houses … | 01.04.14

Marine Harvest should "practice what it preaches"

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Charles Jardine
Charles Jardine | Mad, quirky, frustrating … | 16.04.14

My recent outing to Sutton Bingham had it all

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