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Anglers asked to help cut red tape

Anglers in the UK are being asked to help the government streamline current Water & Marine regulations. The consultation closes in two weeks. With the risk of the initiative being hijacked by commercial fishermen, polluters, abstractors, hydro-power developers etc, it is impertative that the views of anglers are known.

A spokesman for the Angling Trust said: "There are various areas where we thought red tape might be cut, for example, removing the restrictions on the taking of rod-caught eels, merging the main angling byelaws into a single document so that it’s easier for anglers to know what the latest rules are then sending these rules out with all rod licences, or with regard to netting in stillwaters, i.e. where the net is in possession and control of the fishery owner or registered controller there should be no need for a separate consent (Section 28) to permit the use of the net for fisheries management purposes. Please let us know if you agree and if you have any other suggestions."

A spokesman for the government said: "Over the next five weeks we want to hear your views on which regulations could be; improved or redesigned; kept or scrapped; or implemented more efficiently. We want to use the Red Tape Challenge to find out how we can do things better whilst maintaining the important progress that has been made in flood prevention, access to inland waterways, water quality and conservation of our rivers and seas which support a wide range of ecosystems."

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