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The Source: Iceland

By Magnus Angus

Gin-Clear is a New-Zealand based company specialising in fishing videos. The Source: Iceland is part of a series including The Source: New Zealand and The Source: Tasmania.

The Gin-Clear team seem to arrive in mid-summer and leave in early-winter. Going by Iceland’s ferociously unpredictable weather that could have been one week, but they say ten weeks. From the start this DVD impresses by its excellent image quality and production values. There are three deceptively simple strands to this: stunning locations, superb fishing, intelligent relaxed interviews with the anglers.

The DVD is divided by fish: Salmon, Trout, Char, Sea trout. Each section and species is tackled the same way. The anglers talk about the fish and fishing. For me they hit all the right notes, rather than talking about flies and rods, or telling me how to fish, they focus on their fishing, how it feels, what it means for each of them.

Their Icelandic fishing guide talks about losing a simply huge sea trout, then we see him losing that fish. It felt to me that he was being completely honest as explained the pressure that put on him and his feeling of relief when he lands a 10lb brown trout soon after is visible. Similarly, during the char section Nick Reygaert, the director, talks about taking a break from the group and goes off solo to hike into a small char-rich stream he’d heard about. Moments like those take this beyond images of astonishing fishing, I begin to believe these guys, they really are fishing.

Ultimately, The Source: Iceland is a travelogue, showing me the beauty of Iceland and the mouth-watering fishing it has to offer. And this is how that type of documentary should be made. Then glimpsing the landing of a simply enormous trout (just as it became too dark for real filming) made me deeply envious! I’ve yet to fish Iceland and now I’ve simply got to.


The Source: Iceland, produced by Gin-Clear Media, directed by Nick Reygaert (distributed in the UK by Fishing Matters)

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