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Howling at the Moon

Does an eclipse help trout fishing? Allan Liddle found out... without realising

... and the fish kept rising into the twilight.
... and the fish kept rising into the twilight.
Another nice fish. Where was that full moon?
Another nice fish. Where was that full moon?

Apparently great minds think alike, or certainly in this case fool’s rarely differ.
I understand there was a Lunar Eclipse last Monday, I say I 'understand' because I witnessed it, only I wasn’t aware what was really happening.  Fools rarely differ?  Well, during conversation with our editor, young Mr Bowler, he saw it too and also didn’t realise what it was he was seeing.
You see, Monday night in both our respective, different parts of Scotland, was a cracking evening for a spot of angling with Mark chasing sedge feeders, and me hunting down olive-feeding fish on the Deveron and that little bit of last light ‘the gloaming’ into the darker part of evening is obviously one of the best times to do this.
Trouble is, the 'window of opportunity' on Monday was supposed to be short with a full moon due, meaning if you were looking to continue into the dark and target sea-running trout then you would need to be quick.  But, as luck would have it, we were both fortunate enough to have a degree of cloud cover, or at least that’s what we both thought it was, a pretty thick and pretty definitive shaped cloud cover when we both thopught about it.
As so the fish rose on into the diminishing light from the west, the moon rose and disappeared again and the sea trout appeared, feeding hard on our respective surface feeding fly for longer than expected. So good was this ‘cloud cover’ that both of us (as it turned out when talking later) fished until we were getting too tired to fish on. It was a ‘school night’ after all and work next day’s not the same when you’re attending bleary eyed, needing caffeine, and generally not as sharp as you should be due to pulling an all-nighter chasing trout.
So as it turns out, lunar eclipses are a good time to fish as proved in two separate locations by two separate anglers... although it might have been better ihad they both actually been aware on what was really happening though.

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