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Fly Fishing & Fly Tying March 2021

In This Issue | March 2021

On sale Friday, February 12th, 2021, Only £3.99

  • The game changes

    Reports from the online auctions

  • Devil in the detail

    Hot-spots, silhouette and life

  • The fly with the golden touch

    Long tailed flies to tempt a salmon

  • Cold-water cures

    2 gems of advice

  • Grand designs

    Caddis house design

  • Extraordinary Ordies

    15 Loch Ordies to tie

  • Strike more pike

    20 bankside tips

  • Fly tying kits

    How to choose

  • Hard times

    "...and the terrapin wets the bed..."

  • Deadly shrimps

    7 tried and tested patterns

More News


Which reservoirs will open soon for 2021? | 11.02.21

Fisheries in England & Wales keep a watchful eye on developing Covid regulations as new season looms

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UK’s most closely monitored salmon river records 40% rise in 2020 smolt-run | 05.02.21

Highest smolt run recorded in eight years

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19 Fraser River salmon farms ordered to close | 22.01.21

Unprecedented move on Canada's west coast sees government closure of salmon cage-farming to protect wild stocks

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Trust issues guidelines for angling during lockdown | 13.01.21

Angling Trust issues guidelines for English anglers during lockdown

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Fishing to be allowed in England | 07.01.21

English government decides angling can take place during lockdown after lobbying from Angling Trust

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England closed to fishing | 06.01.21

New lockdown rules see England shut to fishing, with Wales, Scotland and Ireland still open, but limited

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Salmon and sea trout angling licences for 2021 now available in Ireland | 14.12.20

Irish anglers aiming to fish early in the season are advised to purchase licences early to acquire them before Christmas

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More Blogs

Latest Blog Entries

Mark Bowler
Mark Bowler | Beavers – good or bad news for a trout river? | 03.02.21

What advantages – and disadvantages – does beaver activity bring to a trout river?

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Andrew Griffiths
Andrew Griffiths | Signs of fishing chaos in Wales | 14.05.20

Mixed messages in Wales. Can they drive to fish, or not?

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Mike Duxbury
Mike Duxbury | The vagaries of fishing | 24.04.20

Whenever we recall the red-letter days of fly fishing it pays to reflect on the less exciting ones

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Allan Liddle
Allan Liddle | The Jingler - a river dry fly for those early season hatches | 28.01.21

The Jingler – a dry fly used to imitate March browns and olives, and a useful addition to the river fisher's fly box for March, April and May

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The Damp Angler
The Damp Angler | Old Master re-mastered | 25.04.18

During the long winter lay-off an old TE Pritt pattern is discovered and found to be remarkably effective on the Tee

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Colin MacLeod
Colin MacLeod | Itching For A Grayling | 14.01.21

The skills behind switching codes from saltwater mullet to winter grayling

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Video of the Week

Green-tailed Kate Maclaren, demonstrated stage by stage. The third and final fly pattern for Novices to tie and submit in order to enter our prize draw for an £825 HMH vice. Details in the March issue.