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Signed copies of Haynes Fly Fishing Manual by Mark Bowler

Signed copies of Haynes Fly Fishing Manual by Mark Bowler

Editor, Mark Bowler's Manual of Fly Fishing – a step by step guide, has been published by Haynes – the publisher renowned for its DIY car manuals.

Covering the fish, the gear, the techniques and the flies with contributions from Magnus Angus, mullet expert, Colin MacLeod, and tenkara aficinado, Dave Southall, the manual utilises 600 photographs, 80,000 words, over 35 diagrams and 100 flies over 228 pages.
It covers all the basics required to tackle all aspects of fly fishing, but is strewn with helpful advice and hints for intermediate fishers and, it is hoped, contain sufficient tips and information to keep an advanced fly fisher interested, too.

The book features:
• The fish you are trying to catch and getting to know your quarry. Plus accessing fly fishing
• Choosing the right kit for the job, setting it up, and how to cast with it
• Types of flies and understanding why and how to use them to best effect
• Fishing on lakes, rivers and wild lochs and the range of tactics you can employ to your advantage
• All the extra skills you require to be more successful - retrieves, playing fish, handling a boat and presentation casts
• Mastering the modern specialist styles: Saltwater fly fishing; Pike on fly; Float-tubing; Tenkara

For the first time, this book:
• features how the type of fish the angler is trying to catch determines the tackle he or she chooses
• demonstrates how the stages in an insect’s life-cycle are imitated by different fly types
• contains a modern, comprehensive tactical guide to fly presentation for both rivers and lakes
• features a multi-discipline approach for game, coarse and sea species with fly
• focuses on how to use nymphs in saltwater to catch mullet

"When I was learning to fish there was no basic manual to use as guidance or reference. My friends and I learned from trial-and-error (hours of trial, mostly error); as a result much of the information in this book is gleaned from that toughest school of all, hard-won experience. This is the book that I was searching constantly to find."

"Once the basic skills have been acquired, then the world becomes a different place, no matter where you travel. Learn to cast a fly, and your journey has only just begun: trout, salmon, carp, sea bass and countless other fish are all accessible to you."

"I hope it will help anyone out there to understand the basics, the essential detail, and some of the intricacies of fly-fishing - the fascination for which has consumed me for four decades."
Mark Bowler, June 2016

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