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Campbell CdC Feathers

By Magnus Angus

From a Top Grade pack, brown/grey feather, slightly bigger than wild natural grey CdC.
From a Top Grade pack, brown/grey feather, slightly bigger than wild natural grey CdC.

Khaki Campbell is a domesticated duck breed, with genes from mallard, rouen and Indian runner. To my un-duck-educated eye a khaki Campbell looks a bit like a big mallard, the plumage is a little lighter, redder browns.

If you tie with the natural grey CdC we typically get in the UK, those are from mallard ducks. The size of the bird breed determines the size and natural colour of the feathers. So, Campbell duck CdC comes in two shades, tan and khaki. The feather size seems slightly larger than mallard, maybe not quite as big as the really big dyed CdC which comes from big white farmed ducks.

Dyed CdC is good, the best, most skilful dyeing does as little damage to the structure of the feather as the process allows, inevitably dyed CdC feathers are less oily than fresh CdC straight from the bird. So, take CdC from a coloured bird, no washing, no dyeing and drying, and you get very useful tan and khaki (grey/brown) feathers fresh and full of natural oils. Exactly what fly tyers want!

Two products here, the sample of tan feathers are from an Ultra Selected pack the darker khaki plumes are Top Grade pack. Both colours are available in either type of pack. The quality of feathers in both these packets is first class, the feather types are different and I would choose them for different tying tasks.

Ultra Select feathers are hand sorted, 50 feathers in the pack (pity the poor devil who had to sort and stack them!) These are the type of plumes where the barbs stick out at 90 degrees to the stem, ideal for fitting into a dubbing loop with or without a Magic Tool (usually with, in my case.)

Top Grade feathers are packed in bulk, approximately 200 plumes in a generous packet. These are typically smaller feathers, the stems are slimmer and more supple – the type of plumes I use for tufts and wings – as a bunch on an F-Fly or a CdC Buzzer. Maybe a few of the hackling type CdC but I'm searching to find them.


Price: Ultra Select Campbell CdC £2.99
Top Grade Campbell CdC £2.49

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