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Hends BL 154 Jig Competition Barbless

By Magnus Angus

Fishes point up and complies with even the most stringent rules.
Fishes point up and complies with even the most stringent rules.

Small nymphs and attractors tied on small jig hooks seem relatively new, or so they seem to me. Actually, they’ve been around for ages, just not in the types of fly fishing I do (with one exception – I seem to recall the original lead headed Dog Nobblers were tied on jig hooks).

The reason for using jig hooks is they fish point-up, even more emphatically when fitted with a metal bead – so they can fish deep and snag less often than conventionally oriented flies.

These are matt black nickel which is unusual and very nice to tie on – thread likes this finish! Hends class the wire as standard, meaning standard thickness, which seems strong and I can see a little forging at the bend. The very sharp barbless point turns in slightly, the idea being that protects the point a little when fishing, and hopefully gives more grip when playing a fish.

As jig hooks go these have one stand-out feature – the orientation of the eye. I expect jig hooks to have the eye in line with the bend – the eye of these is set at 90˚ to the bend – just like my other hooks. OK, so these look a little more ‘normal’ however there is one, possibly two more serious reasons for that feature. On the trivial side these seem to suit both slotted and conventionally countersunk beads, which is good. More important, I hear jig hooks with vertical eyes have been banned in some competitions, and, of course, the eyes on these are set conventionally and thus comply with that (daft) rule where or if it applies!


Price: £2.99 per 25.
From: www.tungsten-beads-plus.com
e-mail: Joel@tungsten-beads.co.uk
Telephone: (e-mail preferred) 01274 689185.

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