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Pro Jungle Cock HD

By Magnus Angus

Photo-realistic synthetic JC subs.
Photo-realistic synthetic JC subs.

Printed JC subs have featured here several times before. The last were tough, highly stylised subs, printed on modern un-tearable paper. Jungle Cock HD are equally tough, printed on an extremely tough 'paper' (looks and feels like paper but is plastic) but these are designed to appear as much like a good natural feather as possible.If you look at a photograph on this page under a good magnifying lens you will see dots of coloured ink.

The images are 'screened' and printed as half-tones, the point being that from your usual reading distance (and a little closer) you can't see the dots. So, I had a look at these through my loupe and I am damned if I can see any dots. I'm not sure how these were printed but I am impressed.

The effect is more like photographic printing than litho printing.Then to add a little more to the JC look and feel the eyes are coated with gloss varnish. The printed image is as close as I've seen to a printed JC feather, colour,shape, all the details are there. The addition of varnish at the nail gives these an unexpected 3D quality.

Each 'feather' is stamped out of the sheet, clip off the top and bottom to release. Then you have a very good imitation of a JC feather.

If you have ever used a little varnish or Flexament to coat a split natural JC feather – these feel like that coated feather. I can curve it by drawing my nail down the back, so it sits closer to the wing. The point where I tie in is slim, the material is supple, so my thread binds it in easily and very securely.

On a fly these might look slightly un-natural because each one is identical and perfect, but they do look good on a fly – really good!

Pro Jungle Cock HD are expensive, the suggested retail price is £8.99 for a pack of 40 'feathers'. These are medium, Pro Jungle Cock HD come in five sizes: three smaller and one size larger than these.


Price: £8.99 per pack
From: Prosportfisher stockists
Stockist details from Fishing Matters

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