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Stroft ABR

By Magnus Angus

Strong, soft and now in tippet sized spools.
Strong, soft and now in tippet sized spools.

This is “light brown trans-parent” and happens to be the type and colour which I first met on a salmon trip to Norway. While I was being persuaded to try if for grilse, it turned out a lot of river trout fishers were praising its characteristics and reliability. There are half a dozen types of Stroft.

The thing is, Stroft came in 100m spools, which were OK, if a little clumsy/bulky. These newer spools  are tippet sized, 25m spools; a handy spool size and certainly makes it easier to carry a few diameters.

Stroft is a combination of soft and strong, and this version of the the stuff lives up to that name – supple, good strength and good knot strength; Stroft seems to have a little stretch ... before it breaks finally.

The larger spools are still better value. If you get through a lot of leader/tippet in a season, and don’t mind the bulk, I‘d stick with the 100m spools (price: £5.99). Smaller spools are handier, less bulky and turning over spools regularly should mean you are using fresher more reliable monofilament. These smaller spools are similar to their 100m brothers, a black spool with a foam band over the mono – which acts to keep the Stroft in and light out.


Price: £2.89 per 25m spool
From: Tungsten-Beads-Plus
e-mail: Joel@tungsten-beads.co.uk
Tel: (e-mail preferred) 01274 689185.

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