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NEW Green-tailed Kate Maclaren | 11.02.21

Green-tailed Kate Maclaren, demonstrated stage by stage. The third and final fly pattern for Novices to tie and submit in order to enter our prize draw for an £825 HMH vice. Details in the March issue.

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NEW Tying a Shuttlecock Buzzer | 11.01.21

Tying a Shuttlecock Buzzer, a devastatingly effective dry fly for stillwater, which is also the pattern we require novices tyers to submit for entry to our 2021 fly-tying competition!

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NEW Tying a Black Pennell wet fly | 11.12.20

How to tie a Black Pennell – the wet fly we've nominated as the one to tie in order to enter our £1600 'lottery' competition!

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NEW Tying the Paraloop Duster using a gallows tool | 16.11.20

Magnus Angus ties a Paraloop Duster using the Scottie Gallows tool (as reviewed in the November issue)

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NEW S&TC release film footage of “severely affected” lice-infested salmon | 30.10.20

"Severely affected" lice-infested farmed salmon have been filmed (on October 22) showing "horrendous sea lice parasite problems currently occurring on salmon farms in Argyll & Bute, Skye and the Outer Hebrides".

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NEW Claret Bibio | 16.10.20

Claret Bibio tied by Magnus Angus and cover fly for the November '20 issue. This uses a claret hackle from a dyed pheasant rump patch, which Magnus features this month in his 'Notes from the Bench'.

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NEW Optilabs Jet varifocal polarised sunglasses | 20.08.20

Magnus Angus reviews Optilabs Jet varifocal polarised sunglasses, as appears on the FF&FT digital editions

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NEW Tying an ‘American style’ Pheasant Tail Nymph, using the pheasant tail tips as ‘legs’ | 31.07.20

How to tie an 'American style' Pheasant Tail Nymph, which uses the pheasant tail tips as 'legs' and is popular for fly-fishing both on lakes, reservoirs and rivers

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NEW Corixa swimming close up | 17.06.20

Corixa swimming. How they use their 'paddles' to move... and attract trout. Shot by David Murray from Loch Insch fishery, Aberdeenshire.

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NEW Bonefish School commute | 30.04.20

The Bonefish 'School run' on FF&FT's course, run in the Bahamas. Taken from guide, Jeff 'Yeah Man' Moss's skiff, as he fishes for food during lockdown.

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